Hiking in Tenerife on mount Teide

Hiking paradise

Imagine waking up at 04:00, stepping outside a shack on the top side of volcano. And all that is there, sky full of stars and pathways that leads to adventure. This is how hiking in Tenerife looks like.

Have a morning tea or coffee, put on some comfortable and warm clothes. Make a first step towards unknown and bizarre. Usually hiking there is accompanied by a professional guide. So no need to worry if you are a beginner in hiking. As you approach the very top of marvelous hearth of the island – mount Teide, sun rises from the ocean and your hearth fills with inexperienced feeling of joy.

But the journey has just started. After the moment of pure wonder, hikers keep their way down the volcano. Walking pathways that lead through millions of years old landscapes. But don’t be fooled, it is not just an easy walk on the pathways. At some point the road gets really challenging and can’t be done without necessary equipment.

The reason why Teide is great for all kind of hikers, experienced or not, you have tons of opportunities to choose from. You can take paths that take hours to complete, or you can choose easy ones, that can be finished in hour or so. But must-do thing is, learn about the place, go with the guide and better be prepared. As the oxygen can run low as reaching the top.

Be advised, If you choose Teide as your hiking track, that in order to reach some places, you have to get special permit, that can be found online aswell. Be healthy, be active, be happy and reach closer to stars. see you at the top!

By alvils Travel Trips