Suicide Cult in Tenerife in 1998 PICTURES
By emanuel

Suicide Cult in Tenerife in 1998

We would like to warn sensitive readers, as it’s time for a true horror story from Tenerife. About a 56-year-old woman from Berlin named Heide Fittkau-Garthe. She moved to Tenerife and started a horrible suicide cult.

The story begins in 1994 when Heide Fittkau-Garthe sold all her assets and moved from Berlin to Tenerife. Heide, being a psychologist used her background to lure people into joining her suicide cult in Tenerife. According to a BBC article posted in 1998 the cult revolved around apocalyptic theories that the world was about to end. Heide proclaimed that if the entire cult consisting of about 30 people committed collective suicide on mount Teide a spaceship would take their dead bodies to heaven.

It is a story that is both scary as well as fascinating. How a woman of 56 years managed to gather so many people into to something so outrageous.

Another interesting fact about the cult is that Heide, according to the Independent, managed to lure both university graduates and people from the middle class into her cult, as well as their children! This says something about Heide’s extremely methods of persuasion as she managed to brainwash people from many different parts pf the society. She even brainwashed people into paying up to 300 pounds for attending her meetings.

This horror story has a somewhat happy ending though. On the 8th of January, Spanish police managed to shut down the cult and stop the plans of collective suicide. Heide was put on trial and the rest of the suicide cult in Tenerife was free to go as they were victims of their leader.

Heide however, were sentenced to 8 years in prison. However, years have passed and Heide have been free for a long time. After the events she have remained active online. She even have her own website called where she posts so called “lessons” where she speaks to the camera.

That’s all for our true horror-story time. All our stories are not this dark however. You can read more articles about the history of Tenerife among other things HERE.