Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking
By emanuel

Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking

It doesn’t matter if you never dove before. Diving Atlantis are experts on Diving and Kayaking in Tenerife, they have the excursions for you! 

Divning Atlantis is located in the heart of Los Cristianos. This business puts all its efforts into making great excursions in diving and in kayaking. We went there for two days in a row. The first day we went diving and the second day we went kayaking. There’s a lot of good things to say about the excursions as well as the people working there, especially in regards to customer contact. They are kind and extremely helpful. An example of this is when we went diving. The instructor gave a very thorough description of all of the things necessary for a beginner to go out into the ocean.

Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking 1







Another thing that they are talented in is taking pictures of your excursion. Equipped with a go pro under water the capture the memories of your trip in video. The second day we went Kayaking and we got a thorough description of how the kayak works even though it might seem basic for one that have paddled before. It is a place for people of all sorts of experiences, me, who is a novice in diving and kayaking found this to be a great aspect of the excursions. They also have a three day course for the people that want to get themselves a PADI-license and dive 18 meters below the surface.

Finally they also have ha package for the ones that are already experienced divers and wish to explore the great depth of the seas outside of Tenerife. There are several different packages in many different locations. There’s even the option to go night diving if that sounds exciting.

I can’t say i’m an expert of diving, but i got to say that if i ever were to become one, i would go to Diving Atlantis to get the experience. 

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Quad safari in Tenerife - My experience
By emanuel

Quad safari in Tenerife – My experience

I went on a quad safari in Tenerife, in this article I am going to go through my experience and why you should try it out as well!

I went on a quad safari with Freedom Tours in Tenerife. The excursion started with a short introduction of the vehicles and by getting helmets of appropriate sizes. Before we drove out we got the chance to try out and become comfortable with the quad. After this, the quad safari started!

We went straight out into a desert-like landscape. The road we drove on was bumpy which made for a really fun drive. From this desert landscape we saw the sea at almost all times which was something that enhanced our experience. As the drive went on our guide led us to some really beautiful locations – on top of large hills and down to rocky beaches. This was an essential part of the tour as it provided us with this great sense of exploration.

I had already driven quads earlier in my life as I grew up on the countryside with a quad. However, this ride was still just as enjoyable if not more for this reason. I would say that this buggy safari is enjoyable for everyone no matter if you have earlier experience of driving a quad or not. If you are comfortable with the vehicle you might drive faster and do some skids, but if your new to the experience you can just as well take it easy and it is still just as fun!

All and all, I got to say that this is an excursion that i sincerely recommend. It’s not only a great experience but the rides that you go on also give you great photo opportunities for documenting your trip. If this article got you to want to go quad driving – you can book this amazing excursion HERE!