Hockey in Tenerife? 1
By emanuel

Hockey in Tenerife?

Tenerife have a Hockey-team called the Arona Tenerife Guanches hockey club. And by Spanish standards the Tenerife team is really good at it too!

Tenerife has many sports clubs, but what surprised me the most was that they have a hockey team. Hockey in Tenerife? How does this even work then? As Tenerife is rarely any colder than 20 degrees celcius any time of the year the sport have been converted from being played on ice to being played on roller skates. Roller hockey, also known as inline hockey is actually also a rather common sport on the island.

The story of roller hockey begins in 1990 when Marc Quiroga moved from Sweden to Tenerife. Marc loved ice skating and he missed it very much as it’s a big sport in Sweden. But in 1994 an inline skate-shop was opened in Los Cristianos and Marc went by the store constantly speaking to people who were interested in roller skating. With these new contacts, he founded a team.

The start was very rough for the team, they played outside on rough asphalt that wore down the wheels in a couple of months. The sport wasn’t all that similar to hockey as first as they played with a floorball rather than a puck. Marc soon found out that the Spanish Line Hockey championship was going to be held, he quickly gave his team a name: Arona Guanches Tenerife Hockey Club. And this is how the team was founded.

The team have some noteworthy accomplishments in the Spanish inline-hockey scene. In 1999 they won the Spanish nationals in the sport. The team still has a relation to their Swedish roots as well. At one point as 7 players came from Sweden to play for the Guanches.  The team is still active today, and they will continue to be, as long as they get the necessary support from local authorities and corporations.

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