Veronicas Strip - The Nightlife Streets 1
By emanuel

Veronica’s Strip – The Best Nightlife in all of Tenerife

Don’t miss out on Veronica’s Strip when in Tenerife. This is the place to go if you want to enjoy a long night of partying

The night is falling over Tenerife, the streets get quiet and the cities fall asleep. Everywhere but here, in Playa de las Americas the city transforms into something else. The light from the sun is replaced by the light from thousands of neon signs with names of bars and clubs. And on top of them all sits 3 great neon signs that reads Veronica 1, Veronica 2 and Veronica 3. The street is called Veronica’s strip and it’s the go to place if you with to have a good night in Tenerife. There’s a lot of variety in the places you can choose to go to. There are calmer pubs for taking a couple of rounds of beer as well as nightclubs where you can party until early in the morning.

How does a night at Veronica’s Strip play out then? It’s always going to be a late night that’s for sure. It’s reasonable to arrive at Veronica’s at 22 or maybe 21 and go to a Pub. As you got a lot of options you can go to several different places depending of what you feel like. If your a football-fan you can go to Linekers Bar named after the legendary English football player Gary Lineker. He played in Leicester, Barcelona and the English national team during his long career. If you’re English and want to have a chat with your fellow countrymen, this is the place for you.

Veronicas Strip - The Nightlife Streets 2After you have visited one, or several, pubs it’s time to go to the real clubs. I would suggest that you first enter the clubs at 01  but preferably at 02 because this is when they truly come alive. Because these night clubs sure have a massive emphasis on the night part.  Tramps – the most popular club in all of Tenerife is located here. This club plays a lot of house and also R&B-music and sure lives up to it’s renown of being the number one club in Tenerife.  The clubs other part is called “cocos, the ultimate party bar“.  Here you can enjoy music from the 70s, 80s, 90s and the early 00s. This part of the club is a place for generations to meet and enjoy an amazing night together.