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Imported Sand in Tenerife

Sand. It might seem like it’s a matter that has no real usefulness. But that is factually wrong. Sand is one of the most used matters by man in building concrete and asphalt for example. Besides that, it’s hard to beat the feeling of warm sand under your feet when walking on a sandy beach.

There is a history of imported sand in Tenerife. Tenerife does not really have any natural sandy beaches, most of the natural beaches are rocky or have small lava rocks. That’s why there have been enormous imports of sand from West Sahara to Tenerife.

The origin of the sand import was that it was very expensive to make volcanic sand for the beaches of Tenerife. It proved to be far more cheap to import sand from West Sahara which is a region largely occupied by Morocco. The key-phrase here is occupied. As Western Sahara is often called “The last African Colony” as after the Spanish colonization it was taken over by Morocco.

There is still a conflict between Morocco and Sahrawi native rebels that want to be free from their occupiers. Therefore, the imported sand has been a controversial subject as many have called it a theft from the Sahrawi people. It sure is an infected subject and it has been a really violent conflict throughout the decades. It should be stated that the conflict does not revolve about sand but it is more a question of independence and national identity for the Sahrawi.

The imported sand in Tenerife were far greater in the early days of Tenerife tourism however. In 1970 when Western Sahara was still a Spanish colony a 270 000 tonnes of sand were imported to build the Las Teresitas beach. Today the sand import to Tenerife is much smaller which can be seen a positive thing due to the infected conflict between the Sahrawi and Morocco.

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Tenerife without tourism 2
By emanuel

Tenerife without tourism

Tenerife is known for being a great tourist location for many people. Even though it only has about a million inhabitants it receives over 5 million tourists every year! Compared to the rest of the population it’s a massive amount and that sure shows in the BNP of the island. The tourism industry makes up an entire 60% of the islands total income which is a crazy amount. Without tourism, it’s hard to imagine Tenerife. But today that imagination is reality due to Corona.

Tourism for Tenerife launched a campaign called “#Wellbeback” following the lockdown of the island. The purpose of this campaign was to generate attention for Tenerife in a time of lockdown and isolation. The Corporation’s chief of tourism for Tenerife David Perez and the Tourism minister Jose Gregorio Martín held a joint conference following the launch of the campaign. Together they said that they missed the tourists coming to the country. They also presented the video that is a part of the campaign. The video tries to remind the viewer of the beauty’s of Tenerife and tell them to come back once the Corona Virus is over.

For Tenerife as an island it is very important that the island and the tourism recovers from the Corona virus. Not just for the economy of Tenerife as a whole but for the population as well. Tourism generates a massive amount of job opportunities on the island. Jobs in hotels, restaurants, travel companies, excursion companies all go away as a consequence of the current lockdown. Without these jobs a lot of people and families suffer financially.

Hopefully the spread of the virus will soon decrease and the borders of Europe will open up again. Until then one can only hope that the tourism industry recovers and that people can go back to their everyday life soon enough.

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Los Realejos fireworks cancelled

Every year the 3rd of May there’s a major event in Los Realejos. This event fully revolves around fireworks. The 3rd of May every year the entire sky is lit out in all the colors of the rainbow. Sadly, due to the corona virus, the Los Realejos fireworks have been cancelled.

Every year, the two streets  Calle El Medio Arriba and Calle El Sol duke it out in a major firework competition. The Los Realejos fireworks competition have been a tradition since 1770! This competition became so big that in 1783 a Tenerife based firework company called Hermanos Toste was founded. The event is a part of Fiestas de la Cruz which lasts over from April to June but the fireworks are the major event of the fiestas. It’s an event that is visited by people all over the world, and rightfully so.

Due to the corona virus the firework competition have been cancelled. This might not come as a surprise as entire Spain was put into quarantine in late March. This is sad due to the traditional value of the event. It’s also just another way that the Corona Virus has hurt the tourism of Tenerife and also it’s citizens. However it is probably a necessary action from the Spanish government to prohibit the spread of the virus.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can look forward to 2021 when the Los Realejos fireworks will be back in it’s glory. I would encourage you to visit it Los Realjos the 3rd of May then to see the entire sky being filled up with bright colors. It’s an event that has no equivalent anywhere in the world. I sure hope to see you there!

But don’t take my word for it. Instead watch some footage of the event from 2015 to get a taste of  what being there feels like!

Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed 1
By emanuel

Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed

All hotels are shutting down from the 26th of March all over Spain including Tenerife.  The Spanish government decided to shut down all hotels and start converting them into hospitals in an effort to fight the Corona Virus. This has left thousands and thousands of tourists without a place to stay.  Interest in B&B:s have gotten a major boom in Tenerife following the event.

This due to the fact that tourists stranded in Tenerife still need accommodations and a place to stay. Data from google trends shows that the search “Bed and breakfast Tenerife” have increased by 4650%! This whopping increase shows the desperation of the tourists still trapped on the Island.

For the B&B and people that rent out their apartments however, the increased interest in B&B:s in Tenerife is a goldmine. The massive interest in places to stay will surely result in major profits for the owners of these establishments. Because not all tourists have the option to return home. Travelling has been proven to be difficult due to shut borders. The Corona Virus have had an major impact on the global economy. Especially on the tourism industry due to drastic counter measures by national officials. The quarantine is a fact for most of the countries in Europe and in all of Spain and Tenerife you can get a fine for being outside if you’re not on your way to by necessary supplies.

It is still unclear how long the hotels will be shut down in Tenerife, one can only speculate. If the Spanish government get the situation under control they might open up again before the summer. But as previously stated, the future remains unclear.

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Tenerife on Lockdown
By alvils

Tenerife on Lockdown

Due to pandemic outburst in the world, Government of Spain, have decided to put country under lockdown for quite a while. New Bulletin released by Government of Spain, says, that they will restrict access to and from Spain with other countries. This measurement is active now in Tenerife.

Only few exceptions :

  • Any remaining holidaymakers returning home
  • Cross-border workers
  • Healthcare or elderly care workers who go to carry out their duties.
  • Personnel involved in transport of goods and the flight personnel necessary to carry out commercial air transport activities
  • Diplomatic, consular, international organisations, military personnel and members of humanitarian organisations
  • People travelling for imperative family reasons duly accredited.

If you are wondering, how is it in there right now on the lockdown, here is a little insight. From 17th of March, you can be on streets alone only with actual need.  Of course, you can go to shops, farmacy, tabakeria, go to work. You can go for a walk with your dog, but not further than 200 meters from your place of stay.

When you go shopping, you will see two scenarios: if you visit huge shops, like Mercadona, there will probably be a queue outside of the shop, as they let in people not more that 5 at a time. But if you go to smaller ones, you will probably be alone there all the time. And interesting part about smaller shops: almost every time you go there, shop staff have so few things to do, that they are always video-chatting with friends, working in other smaller shops. You could even wave them and say HI, when you are paying for your goods.

As for the ordinary life, it is not the same: everyone who care about this situation, are staying home. And for those, who don’t really care, police are running the streets whole day and night. Checking on those, who don’t obey new rules, and mostly, for the first time you will get warning. But if you break the rules more than once, you can get fines from 500 – 2000 euros or actually up to 1 year in jail. Please be responsible and act like it is instructed by new rules. Policeman are people as well, let’s make their day less annoying.

See you in Tenerife later this year, we keep you updated!

H10 Costa Adeje Palace - The Corona Ghost Hotel
By emanuel

Inside The Corona Ghost Hotel

We sneaked inside the Corona Ghost Hotel H10 Costa Adeje Palace after the quarantine was over. This was just the first of many hotels to be shut down due to the Corona Virus in Spain. It truly was a surreal experience.

The virus outbreak. Just days before we arrived in Tenerife i read the news that the four star H10 Costa Adeje Palace hotel had been put in quarantine. Six hotel guests had been infected by the extremely contagious virus and over a thousand hotel guests were put in quarantine. All of the hotel guests were forced to stay in their rooms until tests had been issued by medical professionals. When the tests were finished the visitors finally got to leave. 

The Corona ghost hotel. Driven by both curiosity and stupidity we decided to visit the hotel in the aftermath of the event. The outside of the hotel were empty, a few cars remained but there were no other sign of human activity. I went up to the hotel entrance and discovered that the doors to the hotel were open. When we decided to enter we saw an empty reception and there was a ghostly atmosphere in the hotel lobby. There was not a single soul in the entire hotel even though it had reopened. The hotel lobby that is usually filled with tourists, chit-chatter and laughter were now drenched in nothing but silence. What struck me inside the Corona ghost hotel was a post-apocalyptic feeling, a once beautiful hotel that had been abandoned due to a mysterious virus outbreak.

Inside The Corona Ghost Hotel 1

The political counter-measures against the Corona virus. H10 Costa Adeje Palace was just the first of many hotels to be shut down. The Spanish Goverment made a decision to shut down all hotels in the entire nation by the end of March. Soon, all of Tenerife will have similar ghost hotels all over the country. This will affect tourists that are all ready in quarantine and won’t have a place to stay. Hopefully, these counter-measures will have a lasting effect on the development of the virus and maybe get the situation under control. But in the meantime, the hotels will remain silent and there might be a while before they’re once again filled with tourists wanting to spend their vacation in Tenerife.