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Los Realejos fireworks cancelled

Every year the 3rd of May there’s a major event in Los Realejos. This event fully revolves around fireworks. The 3rd of May every year the entire sky is lit out in all the colors of the rainbow. Sadly, due to the corona virus, the Los Realejos fireworks have been cancelled.

Every year, the two streets  Calle El Medio Arriba and Calle El Sol duke it out in a major firework competition. The Los Realejos fireworks competition have been a tradition since 1770! This competition became so big that in 1783 a Tenerife based firework company called Hermanos Toste was founded. The event is a part of Fiestas de la Cruz which lasts over from April to June but the fireworks are the major event of the fiestas. It’s an event that is visited by people all over the world, and rightfully so.

Due to the corona virus the firework competition have been cancelled. This might not come as a surprise as entire Spain was put into quarantine in late March. This is sad due to the traditional value of the event. It’s also just another way that the Corona Virus has hurt the tourism of Tenerife and also it’s citizens. However it is probably a necessary action from the Spanish government to prohibit the spread of the virus.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can look forward to 2021 when the Los Realejos fireworks will be back in it’s glory. I would encourage you to visit it Los Realjos the 3rd of May then to see the entire sky being filled up with bright colors. It’s an event that has no equivalent anywhere in the world. I sure hope to see you there!

But don’t take my word for it. Instead watch some footage of the event from 2015 to get a taste of  what being there feels like!

Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed 1
By emanuel

Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed

All hotels are shutting down from the 26th of March all over Spain including Tenerife.  The Spanish government decided to shut down all hotels and start converting them into hospitals in an effort to fight the Corona Virus. This has left thousands and thousands of tourists without a place to stay.  Interest in B&B:s have gotten a major boom in Tenerife following the event.

This due to the fact that tourists stranded in Tenerife still need accommodations and a place to stay. Data from google trends shows that the search “Bed and breakfast Tenerife” have increased by 4650%! This whopping increase shows the desperation of the tourists still trapped on the Island.

For the B&B and people that rent out their apartments however, the increased interest in B&B:s in Tenerife is a goldmine. The massive interest in places to stay will surely result in major profits for the owners of these establishments. Because not all tourists have the option to return home. Travelling has been proven to be difficult due to shut borders. The Corona Virus have had an major impact on the global economy. Especially on the tourism industry due to drastic counter measures by national officials. The quarantine is a fact for most of the countries in Europe and in all of Spain and Tenerife you can get a fine for being outside if you’re not on your way to by necessary supplies.

It is still unclear how long the hotels will be shut down in Tenerife, one can only speculate. If the Spanish government get the situation under control they might open up again before the summer. But as previously stated, the future remains unclear.

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