Whales and Dolphins – The marine life of Tenerife

Tenerife has a rich marine life. On every boat trip that you take you are almost guaranteed to see both dolphins and whales. It sure is a magnificent sight to see them jump out of the blue waters and swim alongside the boat.

When I went with the Ragnarok Viking boat there were dolphins and whales constantly swimming a jumping beside it which really enhanced the experience of the boat ride. This is the case for basically all boat tours that departs from southern Tenerife. You can see both whales and dolphins in their natural environment all year long.

When going by boat there are species that you can see all year long. There are also whales and dolphins that are migratory and can be seen for certain periods of the year. There are four species of whales and dolphins that always resides at the islands. These are the Pilot whales which are black and are easy to spot from any boat. You can see the Bottlenose dolphins playing around and jumping in the waters. The Risso’s dolphins which usually resides on deeper waters rather than closer to land. These are easy to differentiate from the Bottlenose dolphins due to their characteristic “scars”. And finally, there are the Sperm Whales which are enormous whales that can become up to 20 meters long and weight up to 57 tones! But to see these you probably have to go for a longer boat ride.

The Bottlenose dolphins and the Pilot whales are the most common to see on shorter cruises. They are beautiful creatures and seeing them in the wild rather that in a zoo or aquarium is an amazing experience in its own right.

Check out the any of the cruises and boat tours on our website and I can almost guarantee you that you will spot several of these magnificent creatures!