Quad driving - What makes the quad special?

Quad driving – What makes the quad special?

One of the most popular excursions there is are is quad driving, but what makes a quad special?

The quad, also known as an ATV is a vehicle primarily made for off-road driving. It’s a rather light weight vehicle and it often weighs around 300 kilos or about 700 pounds. The quads core components are its engine and its suspension. These core parts are covered by a shell that is often made of plastic or in some cases metal. It is these components that makes quad driving amazing!

Due to the construction of the quad it’s a vehicle that you can drive in basically anyway you want. As the outer body of a quad is not something that needs to be protected the vehicle can drive on almost any surface without risking any damage.  I went quad driving in Tenerife in March of 2020. I drove a quad on a bumpy desert road in a way that very few vehicles could do.

A quad lets the driver be in control to a very large extent. You can take the vehicle basically anyway you want without any issues. This is due to the fact that the suspensions of a quad is special in many ways. This is explained in great detail in an article from the site howstuffworks.com. But in short the suspensions are complemented by so-called “shocks” that uses oil to push back the suspension to it’s original shape when hitting bumps and obstacles.

I would personally recommend trying out driving a quad as it is a very unique experience. It is a lot of fun driving and it lets you as the driver access places that would be impossible to reach by car. You can book a ride by Freedom Tours in Tenerife which take you to an amazing desert landscape close to the ocean. It’s probably the best way to utilize the massive potential of the quad! Hope this article helped you!