Loro Parque - The greatest zoo in the Canary Islands

Loro Parque – The greatest zoo in the Canary Islands

Loro Parque is the largest zoo on the Canary Islands. It is also the only one that has a fuller Killer Whale-show that is truly magnificent.

Loro Parque is located in Tenerife and was founded back in 1972 and the name translates to “Parrot Park”. This is because of the zoo has over 4000 parrots of 350 different species. Besides this vast variety in parrots the park also features a lot of other animals. If you go to Loro Parque you will see both tigers and jaguars as well as sea lions and dolphins. But the main attraction is probably the Killer Whales.

The Killer Whale, also known as the Orca, is a largest animal in the dolphin family. The Killer Whale can grow to upwards of ten meters and weigh 6 tonnes. These massive animals are one of the greatest predators of the ocean. Their diet consists of fish, squids and seals. But like many other animals in the dolphin family the Killer Whale is actually a very social animal and communicates by using different sounds.

The Killer Whale show is an amazing way of getting to see these magnificent animals up close. It is when watching this show I realized how massive these animals actually are. The park is also rather good from an animal rights perspective as the facility is very modern and the four Orcas swim around in 22,5 millions litres of ocean water. Besides the Orca Show Loro Parque also have a Sea Lion- and a Dolphin-show that i sincerely recommend.

A day at Loro Parque never really gets boring. You can go to one of the many shows and roam around looking at all of the great animals while waiting for the next one. If you’re ever in Tenerife it’s a visit that i surely recommend!

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