Paragliding in Tenerife

Paragliding in Tenerife

The Paraglider

Imagine soaring through the air like a bird, almost as if you were weightless; that’s probably my best attempt to describe experience of paragliding in Tenerife. What is a paraglider you may wonder? It shares certain similarities with a parachute but most of the momentum is horizontally rather than downwards. The paraglider uses wind to its advantage to maintain height and travel long distances.

I went paragliding with Paragliding Kangaroo Tandem. We went by car to the top of an 800-meter-high mountain with a beautiful view of South Tenerife. Standing on top of the mountain it was pretty be hard to grasp that I was about to throw myself of it and let the paraglider carry me to the beach. However, in this state of mind it was comforting to talk to the instructors that has decades of experience in paragliding behind them.

The Take off

The time had come. The instructors gave me a helmet and strapped the paraglider on to me and themselves. I was now ready to fly; the instructor gave me 2 easy steps: first a short walk, this unfolded the glider and made it arise far over my head. Then, the instructor told me to start running down a steep slope and just meters before I reached the edge it happened, my feet lifted of the ground and the rest of the flight was in the hands of the paraglider and your instructor.

The Experience

Once I took of and was finally in the air it was very soothing to drift around with the wind. It also gave me that great sensation of freedom (which in my case was mixed with a little bit of fear of heights). But after a short while of soaring through the skies i forgot all of my fears. What i had left was a sense of peace.

In conclusion paragliding an amazing way of experiencing freedom and seeing the beautiful island of Tenerife from the sky. It’s an experience that you will not soon forget.