Driving a Buggy
By emanuel

Driving a Buggy

I went driving a Buggy with Top Buggy Adventures. It was an exciting experience which i believe anyone will enjoy. Mainly because it’s incredibly fun to be driving a Buggy. But what is a buggy? And why is it so much fun? Keep on reading and find out! 

Imagine stripping a car of all parts except the most essential core components, what you’re left with, is a Buggy. An excellent piece of machinery with low weight and a lot of horsepower’s to run it. The buggy can be a little bit tricky to drive for an inexperienced driver due to the different feel of the clutch and the gas pedals compared to a regular car. However, when you get the hang on how to operate the vehicle it’s an absolute joy to drive on the roads as well as off-road. The stiff suspenders make for an incredibly enjoyable ride when driving over hills and bumps.

I got a great sensation of power from hearing the loud engine behind me, this makes even the most basic things enjoyable such as changing gears. Just listening to the engine revving up is special when driving the Buggy. Tenerife is also a great island for driving the Buggy due to the various nature zones of the island. The sandy desert parts, to the living colorful cities up to the high mountains. The changing landscapes gives you as the drives the feeling och exploration which is a nice addition to the trips that Top Buggy Adventures provides.

It is hard to describe the experience in one sentence. But one scene from my drive is still stuck in my head. This is when I saw the cities of Tenerife transition from day to night while driving through them in a buggy. It was really an unforgettable experience. I pushed the gas to the bottom with the engine roaring behind my head. And I went passed the city lights in a rapid speed. The feeling that I felt, can only be described as Euphoric.

And when I pushed the gas to the bottom of the floor with the engine roaring right behind my head while passing the city lights I felt a feeling that can only be described as euphoric.


Movies filmed in Tenerife
By emanuel

Movies filmed in Tenerife

Tenerife have been the filming location for good amount of big Hollywood movies. In this article I’m gonna write about three of them.

Due to its diverse and tropical climate Tenerife is a perfect location for movie making. And it’s not surprising, as Tenerife have great locations to get those perfect shots. The volcano of Teide is a great example of this, as the climate is very unique as compared to the rest of Europe. Here’s a list of movies filmed in Tenerife:

Clash of the Titans released in 2010, became a real block buster netting $493 million over the world. The movie is an action movie with a grand underlying Greek mythology theme. The sequel of the movie “Wrath of the Titans” was also filmed in Tenerife. Tenerife proved to be a better location for the movie even though it revolves around Greek mythology. The director of the Clash of the titans-movie Jonathan Leibesman stated the following in choosing Tenerife as the movie location:

“The Canary Islands gave us great contrasts, including the beautiful blue sea, dusty landscapes and townscapes, wide open areas to stage a massive battle in the middle of a volcano. We just couldn’t have asked for more out of one locale.”

The Dictator is another movie shot in Tenerife. The fictional North African nation called the Republic of Wadiya is the location of the movie. So in this movies case, the directors probably wasn’t looking for the epic scenery as they were in Clash of the Titans. They probably wanted the tropical atmosphere of Tenerife. This comedy movie revolves around the fictional character Admiral-General Haffaz Aladeen portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen.

The final one of the movies filmed in Tenerife is Fast and Furious 6The movie features several different stunts and explosions. The scenery of Tenerife is very useful in this type of film making. For example, the roads leading up to Mount Teide makes for excellent racing shots.

So if your ever planning on making a movie, just go to Tenerife

You can find more articles about Tenerife in our Travel Mag! 

Quad safari in Tenerife - My experience
By emanuel

Quad safari in Tenerife – My experience

I went on a quad safari in Tenerife, in this article I am going to go through my experience and why you should try it out as well!

I went on a quad safari with Freedom Tours in Tenerife. The excursion started with a short introduction of the vehicles and by getting helmets of appropriate sizes. Before we drove out we got the chance to try out and become comfortable with the quad. After this, the quad safari started!

We went straight out into a desert-like landscape. The road we drove on was bumpy which made for a really fun drive. From this desert landscape we saw the sea at almost all times which was something that enhanced our experience. As the drive went on our guide led us to some really beautiful locations – on top of large hills and down to rocky beaches. This was an essential part of the tour as it provided us with this great sense of exploration.

I had already driven quads earlier in my life as I grew up on the countryside with a quad. However, this ride was still just as enjoyable if not more for this reason. I would say that this buggy safari is enjoyable for everyone no matter if you have earlier experience of driving a quad or not. If you are comfortable with the vehicle you might drive faster and do some skids, but if your new to the experience you can just as well take it easy and it is still just as fun!

All and all, I got to say that this is an excursion that i sincerely recommend. It’s not only a great experience but the rides that you go on also give you great photo opportunities for documenting your trip. If this article got you to want to go quad driving – you can book this amazing excursion HERE! 

Bullfighting is illegal in Tenerife 1
By emanuel

Bullfighting is illegal in Tenerife

Bullfighting is illegal in Tenerife as opposed to most of Spain. The practice is often accused of being extremely cruel to the animals involved.  The topic was revitalized by the Corona pandemic and animal rights sites such as Sentient Media wrote articles about how the pandemic can actually be opportunity to abolish the sport for good.

The closest relation that I, and probably the most of the worlds population, have with bullfighting is from the Disney movie “Ferdinand the bull”. This entertaining kids movie portraits the bull Ferdinand that doesn’t want to fight. However, in Spain the situation is vastly different. The “sport” is a major attraction for lots and lots of people. An article from Harvard University states that bullfighting is illegal in almost almost every country in Europe, except for Spain, Portugal and Southern France. According to numbers from the Spanish government an entire 9,5% of the Spanish population attended a bullfighting-event in 2015.

However, in Tenerife, the situation is another. Bullfighting was banned in the Canary island way back in 1991. The building, called the Santa Cruz Bullring has since then been converted into a stadium for boxing and wrestling matches. The Santa Cruz Bullring has also been used for concerts as well as carnival events.  The building received the “Bien de Interés Cultural“-award meaning “Property of cultural interest” which means that the building has a cultural heritage value. It can be stated that the ban has not really damaged the cultural heritage of Tenerife as the building still stands.

Bullfighting is illegal in TenerifeAnd it has been so for almost 30 years. But in other parts of Spain the battles, both in a literal and figurative sense, rages on. And one can think about the question that the journalist from BBC asks himself: “Is bullfighting really on the way down?”. The number of Bullfighting events have been decreasing. But will there ever be a national ban? If it will ever happen, Tenerife and the Canaries could be a great example.

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