Tenerife without tourism 2

Tenerife without tourism

Tenerife is known for being a great tourist location for many people. Even though it only has about a million inhabitants it receives over 5 million tourists every year! Compared to the rest of the population it’s a massive amount and that sure shows in the BNP of the island. The tourism industry makes up an entire 60% of the islands total income which is a crazy amount. Without tourism, it’s hard to imagine Tenerife. But today that imagination is reality due to Corona.

Tourism for Tenerife launched a campaign called “#Wellbeback” following the lockdown of the island. The purpose of this campaign was to generate attention for Tenerife in a time of lockdown and isolation. The Corporation’s chief of tourism for Tenerife David Perez and the Tourism minister Jose Gregorio Martín held a joint conference following the launch of the campaign. Together they said that they missed the tourists coming to the country. They also presented the video that is a part of the campaign. The video tries to remind the viewer of the beauty’s of Tenerife and tell them to come back once the Corona Virus is over.

For Tenerife as an island it is very important that the island and the tourism recovers from the Corona virus. Not just for the economy of Tenerife as a whole but for the population as well. Tourism generates a massive amount of job opportunities on the island. Jobs in hotels, restaurants, travel companies, excursion companies all go away as a consequence of the current lockdown. Without these jobs a lot of people and families suffer financially.

Hopefully the spread of the virus will soon decrease and the borders of Europe will open up again. Until then one can only hope that the tourism industry recovers and that people can go back to their everyday life soon enough.

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