Micro Climates of Tenerife 1

Micro Climates of Tenerife

There’s a lot of things that are fascinating about Tenerife. Even the most small talk compatible-subject on the planet is fascinating! Of course i am referring to the weather, or more specifically, the micro climates of Tenerife.

What is the micro climates of Tenerife you might wonder? It’s the phenomenon of a small area getting a certain type of climate without affecting the neighboring climate zones. In Tenerife, these micro climate zones pop up on a regular basis. This is due to the unique topography of Tenerife. Mount Teide with it’s 3718 meters creates small climate zones. This means that it is possible for two villages laying just kilometres of one another to have completely different ether. One of the villages can have burning sunlight while the other have a massive amount of pouring rain.

Even though these micro climates of Tenerife exists they are rarely an issue for any tourists staying there. But it’s none the less interesting to know. However if you truly want to experience these zones what i would suggest that you do is travel further into the island. When going from the coast to Mount Teide you will not only experience colder temperatures due to increasing altitude but you will also see drastic changes in the landscapes around you.

The short trip from the beach to mount Teide is like traveling from summer to winter. Mount Teide is often covered with snow which can seem strange as the weather on the coast rarely goes under 20 degrees any time of the year. But still, on this relatively short ride you can see subtropical climate zones, deserts, green fields, and finally the mountainous and volcanic landscapes of Teide and its national park.

So i hope you won’t just stay at the beach next time you visit Tenerife! Do some exploration and discover the various micro climates of Tenerife!

Why not take a long tour? You won’t be disappointed.