Canary Wine - Shakespeares secret love. ADD Pictures

Canary Wine – Shakespeares Secret Love

Canary Wine, a renowned type of wine so popular that it has gotten immortalized in three of William Shakespears plays. But what is so special about Canary wine? And which ones are the best? We got all the answers for you! 

First a little history lesson: The Canary Islands were famous for its great sugar production in the 15th century. However, the sugar from the Canary Islands got less popular as production of sugar in South and Central America grew. The sugar from the Canary Islands was far more expensive and they couldn’t compete with the colonies in America. This led to a major increase in the production of wine as the islands needed a new product to trade with.

The success was a fact. Canary Wine became an infamous popular product not only in Spain but entire Europe. It became so famous that it was mentioned in not one, but three, of  William Shakespeares plays. Not surprising as in the 16th century millions of liters of wine was shipped to London from the Canary Islands. Tenerife became the central producers of the Canary Wine and 90% of the Vineyards were located here by the end of the 17th century.

Today the Canary Wine is still just as good. In Tenerife many of the vineyards is located on the slopes on mount Teide due to its fertile soil. There are several high quality wines that you should try when visiting the Canary Islands:

Suertes del Marqués is a producer that makes several different types of Wine. In their sortiment they have a red wine called 7 Fuentes 2015This red wine, i would say, is one of the best wines to try to get a good introduction to the vast catalouge of Canary Wines. If you feel inspired you can also try the red wine El Chibirique 2015 which is far more complex and very exciting to try for the wine-connoisseur. If you want a well tasting white wine and good value for your money i would recommend Bodegas Viñatigo 2017 which is a great and tasteful white wine with a price tag below €10.

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