Tenerife without tourism 2
By emanuel

Tenerife without tourism

Tenerife is known for being a great tourist location for many people. Even though it only has about a million inhabitants it receives over 5 million tourists every year! Compared to the rest of the population it’s a massive amount and that sure shows in the BNP of the island. The tourism industry makes up an entire 60% of the islands total income which is a crazy amount. Without tourism, it’s hard to imagine Tenerife. But today that imagination is reality due to Corona.

Tourism for Tenerife launched a campaign called “#Wellbeback” following the lockdown of the island. The purpose of this campaign was to generate attention for Tenerife in a time of lockdown and isolation. The Corporation’s chief of tourism for Tenerife David Perez and the Tourism minister Jose Gregorio Martín held a joint conference following the launch of the campaign. Together they said that they missed the tourists coming to the country. They also presented the video that is a part of the campaign. The video tries to remind the viewer of the beauty’s of Tenerife and tell them to come back once the Corona Virus is over.

For Tenerife as an island it is very important that the island and the tourism recovers from the Corona virus. Not just for the economy of Tenerife as a whole but for the population as well. Tourism generates a massive amount of job opportunities on the island. Jobs in hotels, restaurants, travel companies, excursion companies all go away as a consequence of the current lockdown. Without these jobs a lot of people and families suffer financially.

Hopefully the spread of the virus will soon decrease and the borders of Europe will open up again. Until then one can only hope that the tourism industry recovers and that people can go back to their everyday life soon enough.

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By emanuel

Buggy Safari in Tenerife

The best way of exploring Tenerife is probably by buggy. Why you may wonder? Because the buggy makes the drive into a completely different experience compared if you would go by car.

I would sincerely recommend going on a Buggy Safari in Tenerife. It’s a great way to explore the landscapes and the animals of Tenerife. What’s particularly neat about the ride is that the Buggy allows you to ride on all sorts of terrain as it is essentially an off-road vehicle that you can also drive on regular roads. This means that in just one single ride you can experience both the sandy beaches as well as the more urban parts of Tenerife.

My favorite ride however is going by the beaches and feeling the wind blow in hair as i watch the sand fly around the buggy. This is the essence of a Buggy Safari in Tenerife. I went on a ride with Top Buggy Adventures and it is something that i sincerely recommend.

But what can you expect from the tour? First and foremost you can experience the micro-climates of Tenerife in a very real way. It’s is a unique experience to see the landscape transition from beaches, to desert-like, to mountainous in just a couple of hours. These landscapes give you great views and there are amazing spots for taking pictures and documenting your experience.

You can also expect to see a lot of beautiful and colorful birds on this tour as this is something that Tenerife and the Canary Islands in general is well known for. If you’re lucky you might spot a few parrots along the way.

It should be stated that the safaries in Tenerife is not a safari in the same sense as a safari in African countries like Kenya for example. Sadly, or perhaps luckily, the islands is free of dangerous animals such as lions. But there’s still a lot to see and experience on the various tour. And i hope this article made you want to get into a buggy and go for a ride!

Micro Climates of Tenerife 1
By emanuel

Micro Climates of Tenerife

There’s a lot of things that are fascinating about Tenerife. Even the most small talk compatible-subject on the planet is fascinating! Of course i am referring to the weather, or more specifically, the micro climates of Tenerife.

What is the micro climates of Tenerife you might wonder? It’s the phenomenon of a small area getting a certain type of climate without affecting the neighboring climate zones. In Tenerife, these micro climate zones pop up on a regular basis. This is due to the unique topography of Tenerife. Mount Teide with it’s 3718 meters creates small climate zones. This means that it is possible for two villages laying just kilometres of one another to have completely different ether. One of the villages can have burning sunlight while the other have a massive amount of pouring rain.

Even though these micro climates of Tenerife exists they are rarely an issue for any tourists staying there. But it’s none the less interesting to know. However if you truly want to experience these zones what i would suggest that you do is travel further into the island. When going from the coast to Mount Teide you will not only experience colder temperatures due to increasing altitude but you will also see drastic changes in the landscapes around you.

The short trip from the beach to mount Teide is like traveling from summer to winter. Mount Teide is often covered with snow which can seem strange as the weather on the coast rarely goes under 20 degrees any time of the year. But still, on this relatively short ride you can see subtropical climate zones, deserts, green fields, and finally the mountainous and volcanic landscapes of Teide and its national park.

So i hope you won’t just stay at the beach next time you visit Tenerife! Do some exploration and discover the various micro climates of Tenerife!

Why not take a long tour? You won’t be disappointed.

Canary Wine - Shakespeares secret love. ADD Pictures
By emanuel

Canary Wine – Shakespeares Secret Love

Canary Wine, a renowned type of wine so popular that it has gotten immortalized in three of William Shakespears plays. But what is so special about Canary wine? And which ones are the best? We got all the answers for you! 

First a little history lesson: The Canary Islands were famous for its great sugar production in the 15th century. However, the sugar from the Canary Islands got less popular as production of sugar in South and Central America grew. The sugar from the Canary Islands was far more expensive and they couldn’t compete with the colonies in America. This led to a major increase in the production of wine as the islands needed a new product to trade with.

The success was a fact. Canary Wine became an infamous popular product not only in Spain but entire Europe. It became so famous that it was mentioned in not one, but three, of  William Shakespeares plays. Not surprising as in the 16th century millions of liters of wine was shipped to London from the Canary Islands. Tenerife became the central producers of the Canary Wine and 90% of the Vineyards were located here by the end of the 17th century.

Today the Canary Wine is still just as good. In Tenerife many of the vineyards is located on the slopes on mount Teide due to its fertile soil. There are several high quality wines that you should try when visiting the Canary Islands:

Suertes del Marqués is a producer that makes several different types of Wine. In their sortiment they have a red wine called 7 Fuentes 2015This red wine, i would say, is one of the best wines to try to get a good introduction to the vast catalouge of Canary Wines. If you feel inspired you can also try the red wine El Chibirique 2015 which is far more complex and very exciting to try for the wine-connoisseur. If you want a well tasting white wine and good value for your money i would recommend Bodegas Viñatigo 2017 which is a great and tasteful white wine with a price tag below €10.

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