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Los Realejos fireworks cancelled

Every year the 3rd of May there’s a major event in Los Realejos. This event fully revolves around fireworks. The 3rd of May every year the entire sky is lit out in all the colors of the rainbow. Sadly, due to the corona virus, the Los Realejos fireworks have been cancelled.

Every year, the two streets  Calle El Medio Arriba and Calle El Sol duke it out in a major firework competition. The Los Realejos fireworks competition have been a tradition since 1770! This competition became so big that in 1783 a Tenerife based firework company called Hermanos Toste was founded. The event is a part of Fiestas de la Cruz which lasts over from April to June but the fireworks are the major event of the fiestas. It’s an event that is visited by people all over the world, and rightfully so.

Due to the corona virus the firework competition have been cancelled. This might not come as a surprise as entire Spain was put into quarantine in late March. This is sad due to the traditional value of the event. It’s also just another way that the Corona Virus has hurt the tourism of Tenerife and also it’s citizens. However it is probably a necessary action from the Spanish government to prohibit the spread of the virus.

But there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can look forward to 2021 when the Los Realejos fireworks will be back in it’s glory. I would encourage you to visit it Los Realjos the 3rd of May then to see the entire sky being filled up with bright colors. It’s an event that has no equivalent anywhere in the world. I sure hope to see you there!

But don’t take my word for it. Instead watch some footage of the event from 2015 to get a taste of  what being there feels like!

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Playa de las Vistas – Accessibility for everyone!

Accessibility is an important factor for many people when choosing a travel destination. All people should be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches of travel resorts regardless of personal disabilities. Due to the special history of tourism in Tenerife accessibility is already in the foundation of the destination. Playa de las Vistas is a world leading beach in accessibility.

Tenerife is home to a large rehab center called Vinter Sol focused on rehabilitating people with neurological and rheumatic diseases. The facility is located right next to Playa de las Vistas which is a beach that has excellent accessibility. It is a beautiful beach with bright and fine sand and it has all the necessary tools for everyone to enjoy. But the best thing about the beach is how EVERYTHING is adjusted to fit people with disabilities.

The beach has special wheel chairs adjusted for driving on sand or into the water as the chairs float by themselves. It has are restrooms and showers that everyone can use. It has ramps leading down to the beach. The beach even has staff that happily helps out anyone in need of their help. The staff is at the beach from 11 to 19 everyday in the summertime and 11 to 17 the rest of the year.

Playa de las Vistas sure sets a standard that all travel destinations and beaches in the world should follow. Our differences should not affect our ability to enjoy our ability to enjoy a good vacation. The beach is also accessible in other ways. It’s a great beach for children as it’s adjusted to fit strollers. The staff will also constantly look over the children. It’s no wonder that the beach have received the Blue Flag award by the Foundation for Environmental Education several times due to it being friendly to both the environment and it’s visitors. Playa de las Vistas is one of the most beautiful locations in all of Tenerife and it is worth a visit for everyone.


The History of Tenerife ADD PICTURE 1
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The History of Tenerife

The history of Tenerife begun 7 million years ago. Tenerife probably used to be 3 different islands until a great volcano outbreak forged the islands together into the Tenerife of today. Later, the volcano of Teide was created which is a volcano that still remains active until present day. The history of Tenerife is long one and here’s some of the major events: 

Humans settled the Island around 200 BC. These people were called the Guanches and their history is clouded in mystery. There are still remains of these tribes on Tenerife today in forms of artifacts that are preserved. The Guanches lived there for over a thousand years, almost completely isolated from the outside world. But this all changed during the Spanish conquest in the 15th century. The Spanish invaders described the Guanches as short, rather light-skinned and surprisingly many of them were blonde. One fascinating thing about the Guanches is that they lived all over the Canary islands but for every island they had a different name.

By the 15th and 16th century Spanish replaced the Guanches on the island. Many of the Guanches died from diseases such as small pox and influensa that they lacked resistance from as an effect of their isolation. However many Spanish families got close relations with the Guanches and the Guanches got married into their families. Following the Spanish invasion Tenerife became an island with a major trading metropolis in the 18th century as the united states became a nation.

In the end of the 19th and early 20th century the tourism of Tenerife. First from Spanish tourist and later by British and northern Europe. The tourism developed but it had some major problems following the Spanish civil war when it fell in the hands of nationalist in 1936 for some time. However, following the post-war era there was a major boom in financial growth following the liberalization of the west. The Scandinavian founded the rehab-center Vintersol in the 1960th. This led to a lot of Scandinavian patients and their families coming to the island. This is why Scandinavian tourists are still common on the island today.

But that is going to be all for ExcursionOnes history lesson. Hope you learned something!

Eating frog legs
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Eating frog legs

Tasca Bernie is a small restaurant in Costa del Silencio on Tenerife that serves authentic Spanish tapas with some modifications in options like mini burgers. It does not look like much from the street but it is truly a hidden gem foodwise. I would highly recommend eating there, and especially eating the frog legs for an exciting culinary experience. 

The frog legs caught my attention instantly when browsing the menu. Originally, I thought of them as some sort of joke but I later decided to order them. I asked the waiter what frog legs taste like and he said the classical phrase: “Tastes like chicken”. “Tastes like chicken” might be one of the most unoriginal food descriptions ever coined but it actually fit surprisingly very well to describe the taste. Chicken, but a little juicer meat with a slight fish character. Once you get over the fact that you’re eating a frog it was really delicious to be honest.

It was not only the frog legs that tasted well though. We ordered shrimp in garlic sauce, a small meat plate with barbeque sauce, a plate of sliced ham, and also a cheese plate with fruit as a desert. And let’s not forget the chicken nachos, my favorite dish out of all the once we ate. It had a magnificent composition of flavours. The cheesy nachos are given room while being complimented by the spicy flavour of the salsa and the jalapeños.

Eating frog legs 1

In total our company of 3 ordered 6 dishes and about 3 pints of bear each. The meal didn’t cost more than €50 which is a lot of value for your money. All in all, it’s a restaurant that has high quality in all of their dishes. And I would sincerely recommend anyone who find themselves in Costa Del Silencio to swing by for a visit.


Here’s the adress if you get lost: Costa Del Silencio, José Antonio Tavio, 10, 38630 Arona, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spanien

And here’s the list of Excurions to do when you have a full stomach from eating frog legs! 

Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed 1
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Interest in B&B:s in Tenerife have skyrocketed

All hotels are shutting down from the 26th of March all over Spain including Tenerife.  The Spanish government decided to shut down all hotels and start converting them into hospitals in an effort to fight the Corona Virus. This has left thousands and thousands of tourists without a place to stay.  Interest in B&B:s have gotten a major boom in Tenerife following the event.

This due to the fact that tourists stranded in Tenerife still need accommodations and a place to stay. Data from google trends shows that the search “Bed and breakfast Tenerife” have increased by 4650%! This whopping increase shows the desperation of the tourists still trapped on the Island.

For the B&B and people that rent out their apartments however, the increased interest in B&B:s in Tenerife is a goldmine. The massive interest in places to stay will surely result in major profits for the owners of these establishments. Because not all tourists have the option to return home. Travelling has been proven to be difficult due to shut borders. The Corona Virus have had an major impact on the global economy. Especially on the tourism industry due to drastic counter measures by national officials. The quarantine is a fact for most of the countries in Europe and in all of Spain and Tenerife you can get a fine for being outside if you’re not on your way to by necessary supplies.

It is still unclear how long the hotels will be shut down in Tenerife, one can only speculate. If the Spanish government get the situation under control they might open up again before the summer. But as previously stated, the future remains unclear.

You can also keep on reading about our sneak visit to H10 Costa Adeje Palace which was the first hotel in Tenerife to be shut down due to the Corona Virus