Cave of the Winds
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Cave of the Winds

How exciting can a cave really be? Very much is actually the answer. Cueva del Viento (or “the Cave of the Winds“) is a massive volcanic cavity in the district of Icod de los Vinos.

The huge lava tube was formed 27 000 years ago Pico Viejo volcano erupted. Basaltic lava poured from the volcano and created a great maze of volcanic caves. This lava tube is 18 kilometers long, but as it is a maze and not fully explored, it might be even longer. Similar lava caves of this size can only be found in Hawaii which makes this cave very unique in all of Europe. Why is it called the cave of the winds then? This is due to the fact that wind from the outside often enter the caves and fills up many tubes and tunnels.

The book Volcanoes of Europe there’s a passage about the unique biological life of the cave of the winds. The book states that the cave is a home to almost 200 species which makes the Cave of the winds into a unique biological sphere. An entire 15 entire new species have been discovered in the cave of the winds. This includes the eyeless cockroach living in complete darkness. The book also mentions the fossils that have been discovered in the cave. Such as remains of the Giant Rat and the Giant Lizard (i would not like to run into these creatures while in the cave). The Guanches also knew about the cave which is known due to that artifacts from the Guanches have been found in the cave.

If you want to enter the caves and see this fascinating geological phenomenon for yourself there are guided tours that let you explore about a quarter kilometer of the cave. It’s something i would sincerely recommend as you cannot find anything like this anywhere in Europe.

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Whales and Dolphins – The marine life of Tenerife

Tenerife has a rich marine life. On every boat trip that you take you are almost guaranteed to see both dolphins and whales. It sure is a magnificent sight to see them jump out of the blue waters and swim alongside the boat.

When I went with the Ragnarok Viking boat there were dolphins and whales constantly swimming a jumping beside it which really enhanced the experience of the boat ride. This is the case for basically all boat tours that departs from southern Tenerife. You can see both whales and dolphins in their natural environment all year long.

When going by boat there are species that you can see all year long. There are also whales and dolphins that are migratory and can be seen for certain periods of the year. There are four species of whales and dolphins that always resides at the islands. These are the Pilot whales which are black and are easy to spot from any boat. You can see the Bottlenose dolphins playing around and jumping in the waters. The Risso’s dolphins which usually resides on deeper waters rather than closer to land. These are easy to differentiate from the Bottlenose dolphins due to their characteristic “scars”. And finally, there are the Sperm Whales which are enormous whales that can become up to 20 meters long and weight up to 57 tones! But to see these you probably have to go for a longer boat ride.

The Bottlenose dolphins and the Pilot whales are the most common to see on shorter cruises. They are beautiful creatures and seeing them in the wild rather that in a zoo or aquarium is an amazing experience in its own right.

Check out the any of the cruises and boat tours on our website and I can almost guarantee you that you will spot several of these magnificent creatures!

Quad driving - What makes the quad special?
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Quad driving – What makes the quad special?

One of the most popular excursions there is are is quad driving, but what makes a quad special?

The quad, also known as an ATV is a vehicle primarily made for off-road driving. It’s a rather light weight vehicle and it often weighs around 300 kilos or about 700 pounds. The quads core components are its engine and its suspension. These core parts are covered by a shell that is often made of plastic or in some cases metal. It is these components that makes quad driving amazing!

Due to the construction of the quad it’s a vehicle that you can drive in basically anyway you want. As the outer body of a quad is not something that needs to be protected the vehicle can drive on almost any surface without risking any damage.  I went quad driving in Tenerife in March of 2020. I drove a quad on a bumpy desert road in a way that very few vehicles could do.

A quad lets the driver be in control to a very large extent. You can take the vehicle basically anyway you want without any issues. This is due to the fact that the suspensions of a quad is special in many ways. This is explained in great detail in an article from the site But in short the suspensions are complemented by so-called “shocks” that uses oil to push back the suspension to it’s original shape when hitting bumps and obstacles.

I would personally recommend trying out driving a quad as it is a very unique experience. It is a lot of fun driving and it lets you as the driver access places that would be impossible to reach by car. You can book a ride by Freedom Tours in Tenerife which take you to an amazing desert landscape close to the ocean. It’s probably the best way to utilize the massive potential of the quad! Hope this article helped you!

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Pyramids of Güímar

One of the most fascinating building to see in Tenerife is the Pyramids of Güímar. The origin of these constructions was for a long time clouded in mystery. There were rumors that these constructions were in fact constructed by the native Guanches of Tenerife. This however is not the case.

The pyramids were most likely constructed in the 19th century as a side effect of agricultural labor. When the farmers plowed their fields, they placed the rocks in the formations that eventually became the Pyramids of Güímar. The reason for building these pyramids is however unclear. It has been stated that these sorts of pyramids might have existed all over the Canary Islands but have been razed due to the need of building supplies.

Aesthetically, these pyramids share a lot of traits with Aztec pyramids even though they are not as old. However, they are still really worth a visit due to the sheer beauty of Güímar and the amazing pyramid constructions. Güímar is located only 29 kilometers south of Santa Cruz which is a drive well worth the time. The former excavation site covers an area of 65 000 m2. Here one can also visit a museum with Guanche artifact that were found in a natural lava cave nearby the pyramids.

The entrance price is about €14 and you can get a lot of value for your money. Including the poisonous garden that feature over 70 poisonous and even lethal plants for you to see. There is also a environmentally sustainable garden planted in a ravine that shows the natural plant life of these environment as well as eels that swim through the rivers and streams of the garden. There are also some shops and restaurants in Güímar to make your visit into a full day of exploration.

So next time you’re in Tenerife: visit Güímar and experience everything the place has to offer!

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Dragon Tree of Tenerife

An article about a tree? Doesn’t that sound rather dull? Well it’s named the Dragon Tree after all, which must make it a little bit exciting. And in Tenerife you can find the Ancient Dragon Tree which many say is a thousand years old.

The Dragon Tree, with the latin name of Dracaena draco, is a tree that is native to the Canary Islands. The tree has a distinct apperance as it does not really grow in the same way as a “normal” tree. The Dragon Tree goes through many different stages while growing. During the first 10-15 years it consists of a single stem that grows by itself. But when the first decade of the trees life has passed, something happens. The tree shoots out new stems that grow from the first one. Meaning that it branches out more and more.

The tree is actually a national symbol of Tenerife and the entire Canary Islands. In Icod de Los Vinos you can find the “Ancient Dragon Tree“. It is often stated that this tree is over a thousand years old. But there is really no way of telling as the Dragon Tree does not produce “age rings” in the same manner as other trees. The tree is however at least a couple of hundred years old. The tree has been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

The Dragon Trees status in the world is vulnerable according to IUCN. Meaning that the tree is in the risk zone of becoming endangered unless actions are taken for its preservation.

There’s also a story about a Dragon Tree that excited for thousands of years on the island and was worshipped by the Guanches. The Prussian explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt saw it during his visit to Tenerife. Due to it’s massive size of over 20 meters in height and almost 15 meters in width it is argued that this tree was 6000 years old. However, the tree was destroyed by a storm in 1868 so there’s no way of ever knowing if this is true.

Another World Heritage Site is Teide National park. Why not visit it?

Loro Parque - The greatest zoo in the Canary Islands
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Loro Parque – The greatest zoo in the Canary Islands

Loro Parque is the largest zoo on the Canary Islands. It is also the only one that has a fuller Killer Whale-show that is truly magnificent.

Loro Parque is located in Tenerife and was founded back in 1972 and the name translates to “Parrot Park”. This is because of the zoo has over 4000 parrots of 350 different species. Besides this vast variety in parrots the park also features a lot of other animals. If you go to Loro Parque you will see both tigers and jaguars as well as sea lions and dolphins. But the main attraction is probably the Killer Whales.

The Killer Whale, also known as the Orca, is a largest animal in the dolphin family. The Killer Whale can grow to upwards of ten meters and weigh 6 tonnes. These massive animals are one of the greatest predators of the ocean. Their diet consists of fish, squids and seals. But like many other animals in the dolphin family the Killer Whale is actually a very social animal and communicates by using different sounds.

The Killer Whale show is an amazing way of getting to see these magnificent animals up close. It is when watching this show I realized how massive these animals actually are. The park is also rather good from an animal rights perspective as the facility is very modern and the four Orcas swim around in 22,5 millions litres of ocean water. Besides the Orca Show Loro Parque also have a Sea Lion- and a Dolphin-show that i sincerely recommend.

A day at Loro Parque never really gets boring. You can go to one of the many shows and roam around looking at all of the great animals while waiting for the next one. If you’re ever in Tenerife it’s a visit that i surely recommend!

You can get your tickets HERE!

Paragliding in Tenerife
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Paragliding in Tenerife

The Paraglider

Imagine soaring through the air like a bird, almost as if you were weightless; that’s probably my best attempt to describe experience of paragliding in Tenerife. What is a paraglider you may wonder? It shares certain similarities with a parachute but most of the momentum is horizontally rather than downwards. The paraglider uses wind to its advantage to maintain height and travel long distances.

I went paragliding with Paragliding Kangaroo Tandem. We went by car to the top of an 800-meter-high mountain with a beautiful view of South Tenerife. Standing on top of the mountain it was pretty be hard to grasp that I was about to throw myself of it and let the paraglider carry me to the beach. However, in this state of mind it was comforting to talk to the instructors that has decades of experience in paragliding behind them.

The Take off

The time had come. The instructors gave me a helmet and strapped the paraglider on to me and themselves. I was now ready to fly; the instructor gave me 2 easy steps: first a short walk, this unfolded the glider and made it arise far over my head. Then, the instructor told me to start running down a steep slope and just meters before I reached the edge it happened, my feet lifted of the ground and the rest of the flight was in the hands of the paraglider and your instructor.

The Experience

Once I took of and was finally in the air it was very soothing to drift around with the wind. It also gave me that great sensation of freedom (which in my case was mixed with a little bit of fear of heights). But after a short while of soaring through the skies i forgot all of my fears. What i had left was a sense of peace.

In conclusion paragliding an amazing way of experiencing freedom and seeing the beautiful island of Tenerife from the sky. It’s an experience that you will not soon forget.

Siam Park 13
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Siam Park

Siam Park is one of the largest water parks in Europe. It’s a great place to visit as a family as there’s attractions that fit children as well as grown-up.

Siam Park is located in the outskirts of Playa de las American. The park is very easy to spot due to its distinct Thai-features such as dragons and East-Asian buildings. The park is rather large and covers an area of 18,5 hectares. And the entire park is filled with attractions and shops.

One of the most exciting ones are the “Tower of Power”. It’s a massive water slide that is 28 meters high. The water slide is extremely steep and it almost feels like it’s vertical. This is a water slide that will give even the toughest of riders a great thrill. If you want a longer ride you can go with the “Singha” which is a 240-meter-long ride and could be compared to a roller coaster.

If you want to be more relaxed there are rides for this as well. The Mai-Thai river attraction is a slow ride that takes you slowly down a tropical river. If you’re more competitive you can go for the Naga Racer-ride that lets you compete with family and friends in a slide race. And for the youngest ones: “Sawasdee” is a ride which is miniature in size and suitable for all children regardless of height and age. The same goes for the entire “Lost City” which is a part of the park that is entirely designed for younger children. If you got children you can relax here while watching over your children.

After all these rides you might want some good food. And luckily the food prices are very acceptable all over the park. There are both family restaurants as well as bars which is positive as there are options for everyone.

If you wish for a very extensive guide of the park you can read THIS one.

And you can book your tickets HERE! 


Ragnarok - The Viking Boat of Tenerife
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Ragnarok – The Viking Boat of Tenerife

Ragnarok is a longboat that is hard to miss. You can see the ship from far away due to it’s size and the distinct shields on the sides.

I went on a trip with Ragnarok in March of 2020. It was something of a surreal experience. At first, I was rather skeptical of the theme of the trip. It felt a bit silly as i thought the trip was based on a long standing caricature of vikings. But as we departed, my entire prejudice of the trip shifted completely.

There surely was something special about this trip. It probably was a mixture of the very friendly staff, the scenery and the activities that made it unforgettable. The structure of the trip makes it perfect for families with children. But at the same time, we went as a group of three grown up men and i believe we enjoyed it as much as the children.

The trip makes you forget about everything else in your life in a remarkable way. The vikings that hosts the trip entertains the audience with their acting. They also arranged competitions between the two sides of the boat which fit the theme very well. One of the competitions were archery where you fired arrows with suction plug at a board.

The trip had a open bar and free foodThere were soft drinks as well as both beer and wine included. This was also a big plus with the trip as one could enjoy a beer while watching the whales and dolphins swimming besides the boat.

The three hours we spent on the boat just flew by! I believe this was due to the high pace and great structure of the trip. When we reached the port i almost felt a bit of sadness as I had to leave my newfound viking-friends.

As you might tell from my description this trip is amazing. Probably one of my favorite excursions on the entire island. I highly recommend you to book it and enjoy it for yourself!

If you want a pre-taste of what the trip is like, watch this video!

Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking
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Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking

It doesn’t matter if you never dove before. Diving Atlantis are experts on Diving and Kayaking in Tenerife, they have the excursions for you! 

Divning Atlantis is located in the heart of Los Cristianos. This business puts all its efforts into making great excursions in diving and in kayaking. We went there for two days in a row. The first day we went diving and the second day we went kayaking. There’s a lot of good things to say about the excursions as well as the people working there, especially in regards to customer contact. They are kind and extremely helpful. An example of this is when we went diving. The instructor gave a very thorough description of all of the things necessary for a beginner to go out into the ocean.

Diving Atlantis – Experts on diving and Kayaking 1







Another thing that they are talented in is taking pictures of your excursion. Equipped with a go pro under water the capture the memories of your trip in video. The second day we went Kayaking and we got a thorough description of how the kayak works even though it might seem basic for one that have paddled before. It is a place for people of all sorts of experiences, me, who is a novice in diving and kayaking found this to be a great aspect of the excursions. They also have a three day course for the people that want to get themselves a PADI-license and dive 18 meters below the surface.

Finally they also have ha package for the ones that are already experienced divers and wish to explore the great depth of the seas outside of Tenerife. There are several different packages in many different locations. There’s even the option to go night diving if that sounds exciting.

I can’t say i’m an expert of diving, but i got to say that if i ever were to become one, i would go to Diving Atlantis to get the experience. 

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