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Las Americas is believed to be the most popular place in whole Tenerife. If you haven’t seen this place, consider yourself, that you have not been in Tenerife at all. Streets, shops, restaurants, decorations, buskers and more can be seen there.

Las Americas is Tenerife’s busiest resort, which is modern and clean resort on south coast of an Island. You will find there anything: water sports, deep sea fishing, jeep safari and many other  activities. During the day-time people of all age will find something to do in there.

A lot of hotels, popular brand shops restaurants, bars and pubs can be seen in Las Americas. And mostly they are full at anytime of the day. But the most interesting part that comes with name of Las Americas, is it’s nightlife.

To start a great night you can visit one of many restaurants. This place have restaurants for any taste: Spanish cuisine, as well as Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Indian and more. At night this place just starts to breathe. Everything starts to light up: trees, buildings and even fountains.

Las Americas is crowed till midnight. By that time visitors had enough food, shopping and drinking. But of course, if you are the one, who wishes to stay up all night and party, there are places for you. Few bars and pubs will work all night long for experienced clubbers.

I can assure, that staying in Las Americas or at least visiting it is a must do, while visiting Tenerife. It has amazing beaches, wide variety of hotels, restaurants and excursions. It is suitable for families and people of all age. Therefore everyone will enjoy their time in this beautiful resort of Canary Island.

Christmas time on the tropic Island
By alvils

Christmas time on the tropic Island

If you want to feel unique Christmas experience, Tenerife is a place to go! A place, where Christmas tree is a palm tree and you don’t have to worry about cold what so ever. At first, let’s talk about weather.

There is no need to pack fluffy sweaters or thick jackets. Just grab light clothes as you would do in spring or summer. Winter temperature may vary between the north and south of the island, but usually daytime temperature will be around 20°C. Rain usually is not a problem, so you can spend your Christmas day on the beach. But if your hearth still requires a light touch of snow, you have a chance to visit Mount Teide.

In Tenerife, Christmas is taken seriously and celebrated in traditional way. Usually spent with a family. Celebration starts in the evening with a traditional feast made of tapas, light salads, traditional soups and dishes of lamb,chicken and beef. After finishing the meal, try some Spanish sweets – cakes, biscuits and nougats.

The Christmas Mass is an event of traditional Spanish Christmas, where families attend it year after year. After that, people just wander around the city and enjoy the festivities. Most known is „El Baile del Niño”, which means Birth of the Child. During these festivities musicians are playing instruments while others are enjoy this night.

If you can’t imagine this holiday without Christmas market, don’t worry. You can find few markets througout the island, but be aware, that it won’t be as you are used to see. No hot drinks, no snow or thick clothes. But you will have a chance to try local wine, cheese and baked goods. Feel the Christmas in the most unique way, in the heavenly Tenerife!

Hiking in Tenerife on mount Teide
By alvils

Hiking paradise

Imagine waking up at 04:00, stepping outside a shack on the top side of volcano. And all that is there, sky full of stars and pathways that leads to adventure. This is how hiking in Tenerife looks like.

Have a morning tea or coffee, put on some comfortable and warm clothes. Make a first step towards unknown and bizarre. Usually hiking there is accompanied by a professional guide. So no need to worry if you are a beginner in hiking. As you approach the very top of marvelous hearth of the island – mount Teide, sun rises from the ocean and your hearth fills with inexperienced feeling of joy.

But the journey has just started. After the moment of pure wonder, hikers keep their way down the volcano. Walking pathways that lead through millions of years old landscapes. But don’t be fooled, it is not just an easy walk on the pathways. At some point the road gets really challenging and can’t be done without necessary equipment.

The reason why Teide is great for all kind of hikers, experienced or not, you have tons of opportunities to choose from. You can take paths that take hours to complete, or you can choose easy ones, that can be finished in hour or so. But must-do thing is, learn about the place, go with the guide and better be prepared. As the oxygen can run low as reaching the top.

Be advised, If you choose Teide as your hiking track, that in order to reach some places, you have to get special permit, that can be found online aswell. Be healthy, be active, be happy and reach closer to stars. see you at the top!